1121 Basmati Sella Rice

AD-Pro Export Pvt. Ltd. is the most well known Basmati Rice is 1121 Basmati Sella Rice Exporter and Supplier in Haryana, India. Its stretching level of the grain and yielding assortment is more than some other classification of Rice. The 1121 Basmati Rice offered by us has an interesting fragrance and extraordinary taste than the other assortment of the Basmati Rice. 1121 is a basically inferred assortment advanced through the interaction of hybridization over a long reproducing measure. This assortment of rice is known for its phenomenal piece (grain) length, which can be just about as much as 8.4 millimeters (0.33 in) for a solitary grain.

Commodity 1121 White Sella Basmati Rice
Rice Polished N/A Avg
Length 8.35 mm
Sortex 100% Clean
Discolor or Damage 1%
Max Yellow Grain Nil
Foreign Matter Nil
Color White
Broken 1% Max

These are the longest-at any point known delivered cultivar on the planet. It has exceptionally high piece stretching proportion going from 2 to 2.5, for example length of cooked rice portion/length of uncooked part. At the point when cooked, the rice doesn't turn tacky, has least expansiveness astute development, and is fragrant with middle soluble base spreading esteem and amylose content. 1121 Basmati Rice that has top caliber and the length of rice is 8.00 to 8.30 mm. The prolongation level of the grain is more than some other assortment of the Basmati Rice. This variation can be perceived by its extraordinary fragrance and unobtrusive sweet taste.