1121 Golden Sella Rice

It is longest rice grain long on the planet. India is the oldest 1121 Golden Sella Rice Exporter to Middle Easterner nations end client like this rice especially because of its length and in the wake of cooking qualities. The volume of rice grows multiple times in the wake of cooking. Brilliant sella is one of the cycles prior to processing the paddy. Brilliant sella is solid grain which not breaks in the wake of cooking and has hard biting surface than the other sort of rice.

Moisture 12% Max.
Admixture 5% Max.
Packing As per Buyers Requirement Average
Length 8.3-8.4
Purity 94%

Brilliant sella rice can be utilized quickly of newly reaped crop. The magnificence of brilliant sella rice is that it doesn't cook tacky. Brilliant sella rice cooks flaky subsequent to cooking. Brilliant sella rice shading changes to brilliant/yellow normally and is tempered to get this one of a kind outcome. Brilliant sella is utilized in Arab nations to cause it with exceptional dishes with meat and that grains of cooked rice to don't break while blending. Brilliant sella is an Arabic word where is in english it is called as Golden Parboiled rice. Aside from 1121 Golden sella rice we can make Golden sella from any assortment of paddy rice.